Society is growing, many worries in life makes people burn too much mental energy to work. Many successful people wish for a peaceful home where people you love are waiting after every stressful workday.

house is not only where to go but also where all distances between members is blurred and people are engaged closer together, thereby it suggest sympathy and sharing about difficulties at work, forming a solid bond between family members.

Protect the private home, the villa
                                         Protect the private home, the villa

In fact, private house has become “prey lucrative” for the crooks. they take advantage of the loopholes of the landlord to break into and steal property. In recent years, there are many cases of burglar, theft of property when the owner was away. The property robberies increased more in holiday period. It has become burden and worry for homeowners and make them not assured when leaving home to do their work.

The personal security services include private homes, villas, people, private property security as well as protect VIPs like politicians, celebrities, foreigners , etc …

With the motto “Bring peace of mind” based on professional security man associated with the appropriate, smart and modern equipment systems. The company is committed to maximum quality service that we provide.

 Protect the private home, the villa

                                    Protect the private home, the villa

Key tasks of security man in Yuki Sepre 24 professional security company:

– Protect Villa is the kind of protection aims to protect the safety of people and property in the Villa.

– Prevent acts from outside intrusion.

– Protecting the property is handed over.

– Patrol monitoring precautions and explosives …

– Support for the house owner and their relatives in emergency situations.

– ensuring security buildings, villas (inside and outside), tracking camera 24h / 24h;

– Ensuring the safety and security of the assigned region, not allow strangers to entrance the house without the consent of the landlord;

– Monitor cleaning staff from time of coming to leaving;

– Ensure sanitary in assigned area;

– Ensure that plants are watered and fertilize daily;

– Pet Care in the villa daily;

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