Professional security service at school

Professional security service at school

Perhaps the image of the uncle in position of protective gatekeepers, keeping vehicles or patrolling has become familiar to generations of students in the past and present. They have remarkable contribution to keep order and security in school, catch late students, dealing with the mess at school. It is even more appreciated when they became traffic control, help pupils crossing the road safely.

The school guard is always present at the school, during the night, ensuring the safety of assets (vehicles of students, parents and teachers …) and ensure school safety.

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                                                  Professional security service at school

The functions of the guard at the school:

– Manage, organize the protect schools, maintain school security, prevent intruders and preserve the assets of schools (vehicles, tools room …). Timely detect, prevent and treat of malicious actions.

– Coordinate with local authorities in implement measures to prevent and detect in time the illegal behaviors, social evils, violence within the school in order to timely handle and endure security for all students and teachers.

– Collaborate with functional units in schools to remind people (students, parents) to implement regulations.

The mission of the school security guard:

– Standing at the main entrance 24/24 to guide parents, visitors to contact work, go to work, reminding people to follow the regulation of school;

– Management security of students in school, avoid crook snuck into the school.

– Regularly inspect and patrol the entire area within schools; supervise and inspect the suspicious people who bring property out of school.

– Manage keys of classrooms. Open and close the door on time and as required.

– Mark bell according to calendar of academic room.

– Participate in the implementation of protective duty at the request of school.

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Professional security service at school

The requirements of a security guard:

– Always focus on the vigilance and take high responsibility at work, keep the serious, polite, courteous, caring, attentive but not less stringent working style.

– Ensures accuracy of the bell.

– In the night shift, guard will informally and continuously patrol

– When there are unusual problems, guard must immediately notify the unit leader for remedial measures.

– After each meeting must check all equipment, work room, …

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