Today, individuals who are wealthy or famous like singer, actress, … need to be protected to ensure high safety of their lives and the assets.

Depending on the threat level and the needs of your customers or the nature of work of each individual, Yuki Sepre 24 professional security company will actively have ways, appropriate protection services.

Dịch vụ vệ sỹ bảo vệ cá nhân

Potential customers need security service:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • The senior managers
  • Singer, actor, artist, ..
  • Individuals wishing to hire bodyguards

Personal protection has the following requirements:

  • The personal protection man need to be dueling, brave, agile, dynamic handling situations occur.
  • The private security guards must be fluent with tools, support weapons
  • Intensive trained on personal protection skills
  • Experienced in protecting individuals
  • Being clear about where clients go to, exits door, entrances doors, and landscape as well as the activities in that place so that any potential problem can be prevented and resolved promptly
  • Always create a safe distance with the client and in the ready shielding and protection.
  • To capture the habit, work or the client relationship
  • The personal protection man always put protection responsibility of assets and lives on top
  • The personal protection man must grasp social relationships and people who have affections to the client to control the situation better
  • To keep the necessary contacts to resolve urgent cases and getting support
  • Depending on the case, security man should dress accordingly to ensure absolute security for protected Rèn luyện võ thuật chuyên nghiệp

The main tasks of protecting individuals

  • Ensure security and safety of lives and property of individuals or groups of people going together with client.
  • Accompany, protect client in the workplace and home
  • Always equipped with modern equipments in order to facilitate the protection for client.
  • Ensure absolute secret about trip journey of clients throughout the trip
  • On closing, VIP escort moved to safety
  • Look around to make contingency plans to deal when something happens
  • General control and monitoring of client and around environment to ensure client safety

In addition, Thang Long Sepre 24 professional security company also always ready to meet any additional needs of our customers in order to give customers peace of mind when using our services.

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