If unfortunately an intruder come to your house, how you will deal with it? Especially in the night, you do not knowing who he is and what is his purpose? Here we have a few methods can help you to be able to deal with bandits and protect your lives – in case of the worst situations.

  1. Find a place to hide and secure

If you know someone breaking into your home, he still does not know that you have found him, then the best way is to find a safest place to hide the intruder then sought effective solution.

Please create a signal for your family in case of emergency. This is the way you inform the whole family about intruders. A brief question like “Storm Level 10” enough for your family know about danger, and that thieves do not think they’ve been uncovered.

In aggravation, shouting ” let’s hide”, to alert family members to escape or find a safe place.

-Find for yourself a truly safe and convenient place. It is probably one closed room, your bedroom or a cabinet also.

– Make sure the room can be locked from inside. In that room, you can arrange sticks, knives or pepper spray.

– Turn off the lights and keep quiet. Try not to attract the attention of thieves by turn lights off gently and keep stay at your seat.

– Do not warn thieves. In case he has not found your hiding spot, do not be foolish to say things like, “I told the police already!”, because he would hunt to your place.

Call the police as soon as possible. Once you are safe, call the security forces, trying to summarize exactly the situation and information. Example: “Your name, at 12 Nguyen Trai Street, District 5. Two people broke into my house. I am upstairs, in bedroom. They are entering the living room downstairs … “However, if he had found out where you are and seek to break down the door, you could say that sort:” We informed the police and then, they’re coming here. “. Insisting “we” – plural, so thieves think you are not alone.

After report the police, please continue to hold, to update the information for internal security, and to help you calm.

– Choose a position in the room, if the thief tries to break into your room. Location that you can easily resist is the opposite to the door of the room. When the door swung out, thieves appear and you can easily attack him.

– what if the thief is not in the room? Do not move, although you make sure that the thief had left or not, until the police arrived.

– Ask the police to check the whole house. And although police make sure the house is safe, please invite close friends, neighbors stayed with you all night.

Keep distance with thieves. If the thief has accessed to you, stay calm and choose the fastest escape route if possible.

  1. What if you are arrested?

Put two hands on your shoulders. This is the most favorable position to defend.

– how to listen to phone call of police? Depending on the thief’s decision that he let you listen or not (he may be afraid that if no one answer the phone, outsiders will guests and the call police), you may make normal conversation but implicitly makes listeners know you’re danger. For example: “The mother called later”, and the police will know you were being controlled

– Let cooperate with thieves. If you cannot escape, prove that you cooperate and follow the thief instruction because at least have a chance to think how to respond.

  1. Dealing with thieves

– Use pepper spray. After spray, ran out of the room because tear gas can react with you.

If you have to attack the thief,  hit the neck, eye, mouth and nose if you’re near him. As if standing far away, so hit his knee, fast and strong.

– Use a sharp object around as a weapon. Without a knife, use a pen or even your car keys.

– Run as fast and soon as possible. When have opportunity, immediately run away from danger. While youe are running, make loud noises or shout meaning words. For example: “There are thieves” would alert neighbors better than “Save me” (because they will not know what situation you are in)

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